Biggar Museum & Gallery

Step Into The Past...

Rider Green Trucker Hats!!

Now in our gift shop, Rider Green, plus more colours in trucker hats, with the Biggar crest on them, only $20!!

Totes and Toques!

Various colours of tote bags for $10 and great assortments of toques for $13!!

Biggar's Souvenir Headquarters!     Past & Presents Gift Shop
Now in . . . Ladies shapely Biggar T-shirts, great quality, great price, awesome colours! Be the first this weekend to wear your pride at the rodeo or the baseball tournament this weekend!! July 15/2017!!!

Need a souvenir for yourself or your visiting friends, or are you going away and want to show off where you live! The Gift Shop in the Museum has the souvenirs for all your needs!!!
Welcome to the Past & Presents Gift Shop in the Biggar Museum & Gallery

Welcome to our gift shop! At the cash register our summer student have created a display of cameras and films from the past! In the gift shop you can buy hats, shirts, decals, glasses, mugs, books, post cards, travel information, art, posters . . . Hanson Buck souvenirs, New York is Big, but this is Biggar souvenirs everywhere! 

Biggar souvenirs  headquarters

New York is Big but this is Biggar!    T-shirts, all the sizes in great colours and only for $24. Children sizes only $15!

Enjoy our new tee-shirts in our Gift shop. Soft, great material and many colours to choose from. Come one down to Biggar Museum to purchase a wonderful shirt and support your town!

License Plates are now only $10

New York is Big but this is Biggar Tall glass $9.50 and shot glasses for $8 for a special occasion. Now they are all on sale! 50% off
New York is Big but this is Biggar and The Hanson Buck mugs for $8.00 and clear Biggar logo mugs for 9.50 with an extra 50% off
New York is Big but this is Biggar items under $5! Postcards, magnets, and buttons! Decals now 50 % off!

New York is Big but this is Biggar Mouse pads for $6 and a variety of pins in different styles as well as prices under $10