Biggar Museum & Gallery

Step Into The Past...

      Just For You!

Here at the Biggar Museum, it isn't all boring Artifiacts and History. We do have many events, activities, and fun for all ages to enjoy. Think of it as learning with a twist. Children are able to walk through our doors and learn about Biggar's history but also have tons of fun every step of the way.

Thinking a small town Museum is never going to interest your child? You'd be surprised at all the fun and unique activities our Museum has to offer. Come in and ask for a Scavenger Hunt that the kids can keep busy with while they browse our exhibit gallery. Also featured are many arts and craft classes in the Credit Union Art Gallery, Summer Museum Week, and much, much more!

           Some Fun Activities:

Want to learn more about our Museum online? There are some awesome activities that you can do right on our website and other that are download-print friendly.

Cool Questions Activity Sheet  -Complete this fun question sheet while you browse our Exhibit Gallery. Fun for children of all ages!

Saskatchewan Coloring Page  -A Printable coloring sheet all about our Prairie Province.

Prairie Dog Coloring Page  -Speaking a Prairie. This animal is widely known in Saskatchewan; what color should he be? :)

Letter From Amanda  -While browsing through our artifacts we found this old letter written by a girl 100 years ago, WOW! Can you write back to her and tell about your life today?