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Annual Used Book Sale July 1- August 30, 2019

Donated books are sold at rock bottom prices, all proceeds go to the Biggar Museum &  Gallery

Chaos, Flow, Meander June 1-23, 2019

This exhibition explores varying degrees of pattern complexity in the works of three artists. Hilary Johnstone creates stunning visual depictions of landscapes found in the Precambrian shield and lake country of northern Saskatchewan with textiles; forming large, richly decorated quilts. Greg Allen sharpens the focus on mycelium and forest undergrowth. Wildly colourful paintings zoom in on the delicate and elaborate patterns found on the forest floor. Vanessa Hyggen, in contrast to Allen, zooms out and treats us to an aerial view of industry in the Saskatchewan landscape. Potash ponds and agriculture fields piece together like a patchwork quilt rendered in paint.

Annual Adjudicated Art Show May 1-24,
Public Adjudication May 25 at 1:30 2019
Rolf Krohn  6 hour Workshop and Adjudicating

Artists from the local area are invited to show a body of work, on exhibit for the Biggar public for the month of May and then on May 24, this year's adjudicator, Rolf Krohn will judge the best of the show. This artist will have an opportunity to compete in the provincial adjudication. Winner of the the provincials will have an opportunity to have their art travelling to arts councils across all of Saskatchewan. 

Artist Rolf Krohn will be this year's adjudicator. He will also be facilitating a workshop on May 24 from 6-9 and continuing it on Saturday May 25 from 9:00 - 12:00. His focus on the workshop will be watercolour. For more information please contact Biggar Museum & Gallery, 306-948-3451,

Otherworld - OSAC show, April 1-23, 2019

Otherworld combines surreal imagery rendered in photography, textile and paint. Preoccupied with the strange and unusual, these artists take us on an eerie journey. Unnerving thoughts, feelings and plots are explored with delicacy and humor. 

Volunteer Appreciation Brunch - April 13, 2019 11:00

We appreciate our volunteers! They bake cookies and pies for us; they flip burgers and pancakes! They clear snow, they are there whenever we need extra hands. So, every year, during Canada Volunteer Week, we put on a brunch for all of them! 

Paige Mortensen March 1- 23, 2019  Watercolour Batik

Paige Mortensen from Saskatoon will be displaying a body of work in our gallery for the month of March. She combines batik (wax resistance) with watercolours to create unique landscapes of Saskatchewan!

Valentine Day Pie Sale and Tea, February 14, 2019

Have a whole, freshly baked delivered to your office or home for only $13 OR buy a slice of homemade pie at the museum, and enjoy it with your Valentine from 2-4, for only $5. all proceeds are funds to run our museum year long! All our pies will be baked by the best bakers in town! 

Student Art Show February 1-26

The teachers of both schools in Bigger have sent us art projects their students have completed in the last semester! Tiny tots, Kindergarten and up to the senior grades, our gallery walls are festooned with colourful art! Come visit it....Monday - Friday 1:00 - 5:00

Casino Bus Trips March and October 2019