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Step Into The Past...

Sketch Book at the End of the World - October 1- November 10  - Anonymous artist! 

This artist choses to remain anonymous and also has no images for us to portray as of yet...wait until October to see what this artist will have to share!! 

The women I have painted are bright, and hardworking. They were going through rough times as they tried to settle into their new lives. Through my paintings, I want to show what it feels like to be alone, frustrated, sad, empty, confused, lost amidst strangers and new friends. The paintings help promote dialogue about being new to Canada. I want to offer a glimpse into the life of an immigrant woman during this challenging time. Some show despair; others are more hopeful; while some are more settled.

Annual Gently Used  Book Sale - July 5 - August 31

A very important fundraiser for the Biggar Museum and Gallery. The community donates their gently used books to us and we sell them in the gallery for knockdown prices - 50 cents per paperback and $1 for hardcovers. We accept jigsaw puzzles and DVD's as well! this summer the art of Chris and heather form North Battleford will be on the walls, their show is called 'About Faces". 

Diggers - OSAC Arts on the Move Exhibit
by  Barbara Goretzky, June 3- 23

OSAC Adjudication  - Carol Wylie Adjudicator, May 3-29

We walk a thin line with our obsession of transformation and conservation of the natural world which surrounds us. Goretzky hopes that the viewer leaves with a sense of their actions and how we end up reshaping the world.

C2it Photography, the art of Chanda Archdekin

Common Truths by Donna Langhorne

Presented in partnership with Biggar & district Arts Council and OSAC we are pleased to present this colourful, vibrant and thought provoking body of work by Air Ronge artist, Donna Langhorne. In the style of Norval Morrisseau, twenty canvases are symbolic representations of the truths we should all be aware of what the Indigenous people have dealt with for over a century. We are Open 1-5 Monday to Friday, Please call 306-948-3451 if mornings are more convenient for you. 

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