Biggar Museum & Gallery

Step Into The Past...


Since the Biggar Museum & Gallery was founded, they have been collecting material for the museum archives. Today, they have a collection that is unique and tells the story of Biggar and district to its people. The archives are made up two classes of records. 1. Compiled Records and 2. Original Records. The collection displayed in the museum includes, the Biggar Encyclopedia (museum has a hard copy, Biggar Heritage Album, Census Records, Churches & Choirs, Club Records, Family Histories, Fire Insurance Plans, Funeral Cards, Lands Records, Local Histories, Newspapers, Obituaries, Photographs, Railroad Royalty and Royal Visits, Research Aids, Oral Interview Tape Recordings, Town Records, and some Undertaker Records.

Photocopying facilities are available for a fee of 25 cents a page. All materials presented for study must be handled with care and respect so future generations may also have the opportunity to view the record. You are expected to wear white gloves which are supplied by the museum when handling all archival material. Our facilities are also wheelchair accessible.

The museum staff doesn’t have the time however to do research for you. If you are unable to visit to undertake research yourself, you must submit a research request which will be passed along to the Biggar Branch Saskatchewan Genealogical Society for further handling. The Biggar Branch Saskatchewan Genealogical Society charges a fee of 25 Dollars per surname for answering a research request.