Biggar Museum & Gallery

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The Biggar Museum & Gallery

The Biggar Museum & Gallery was established as, and continues to be, a depository and gallery for the sharing of stories and artifacts pertaining to the cultural heritage of Biggar, Saskatchewan and the surrounding areas. The museum is the cultural foundation on which our citizens can build, share and learn from others.

The Biggar Museum & Gallery exists for the purpose of collecting, preserving, studying, interpreting, and exhibiting to the public--for instruction and enjoyment--objects and specimens of educational and cultural value including artistic, scientific, historical, and technological materials

These articles must pertain to the Biggar area belonging to the period of history thirty years prior to date of donation, however, artifacts or displays that are determined vital to the Biggar area, regardless of age, may also be considered.
In order to ensure proper management and consistent application of the museum’s collection, policies have been developed by the Board of Directors based on the museums mission and vision statements and in accordance with the Non-profit Corporations Act Saskatchewan By-Laws. Procedures for all aspects of collections management are followed as outlined in the collections Management Handbook developed by the Biggar Museum & Gallery in accordance with the Museums Association of Saskatchewan Standards Document and/or the SHIN Collections Documentation Manual.