Biggar Museum & Gallery

Step Into The Past...

The Many Faces of Biggar - Culture Day, September 30, 2018

This year, in partnership with the Biggar & District Arts Council, The Many Faces of Biggar will be in the Community Hall in Biggar. Countries from all over the world will be represented from people who came from these countries or whose ancestors came form these countries. There will appetizers at each country, dancers, handmade musical instruments from different countries and eras, and much more! 

July 3 - August 29, 2018 - Annual Used Book Sale

June 5- 23 - There`s an Artist in the Garden - OSAC Show

This exhibition is organized and toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move program with the help of the staff of the Saskatchewan Arts Board’s Permanent Collection, and is curated by Zoë Schneider, Visual & Media Arts Coordinator, OSAC. 

In an exciting new partnership OSAC’s Arts on the Move program is pleased to present a touring exhibition from the Permanent Collection of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. Curated by OSAC’s Visual & Media Arts Coordinator Zoë Schneider, this exhibition examines the role botany, flora, and gardening play in the work of an artist. Featuring works by Lorne Beug, Donna Kriekle, Russel Yuristy, Richard Holden, Stan Day, Jefferson Little, Phyllis Godwin, George Glenn, June Jacobs, Agnes Gallus, and Brenda Francis Pelkey, this exhibition presents a diverse selection of media including photography, drawing, painting, and fibre. We will examine the correlations found between gardeners and artists- attention to colour, perspective, composition and material, dedication of time, planning and patience.

Adjudicated Art Show - May 1 - 26, 2018 

This year`s Adjudicator will be Anne McElroy from Saskatoon. artists from all over the area will hang their art in our gallery until May 26, on which day the adjudicator will judge the winners of the choice. People`s Choice award will be presented this day as well. 

West Central Network Meeting - April 23, 2018

Museums from all over the West Central Saskatchewan district will be meeting at the Biggar Museum & Gallery on April 23 at 10:00. Ideas and results will be shared by all. 

Volunteer Appreciation Brunch - April 14, 2018

We count heavily on our Volunteers and during Canada Volunteer Appreciation Week, we honour our volunteers with a brunch. Quiches and fruit platters, scones, coffee and many yummy treats are made by our board members and enjoyed by all our volunteers.

Cate Francis Paper Wildlife Conservancy - OSAC Show 
April 3 to 20

Cate Francis has created a parody organization titled the Paper Wildlife Conservancy or PWC. Featuring a series of illustrative prints and collages, the project examines cohabitation with wildlife on the prairies, and is interested in highlighting the role that wildlife plays in defining a sense of place and home. 

“Our interactions with urban wildlife can be at once precious, precarious and mundane. All of these interactions come together to form not just the physical landscape but also our psychological sense of place and home. Through this series of prints I hope to highlight the complexities of these relationships and draw attention to the important and unique role urban wildlife plays in shaping the cultural identity of various prairie communities.”- Cate Francis. A multi-faceted exhibition, the gallery visitor is invited to contribute their own experiences and anecdotes to the evolving project. This exhibition is sure to connect with all gallery patrons, creating an opportunity to reflect, engage and connect.

Uncommon Landscapes - OSAC Exhibit
March 1 - 22, 2018

Kent Tate and Sharon Olson approach landscape using non-traditional methods. In this exhibition, five abstract paintings accompany three television monitors. Olson’s textural, meandering paintings are developed using google map images as inspiration, while Tate’s films feature time lapse landscape (including images from Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park), animals and a serene soundtrack made by remixing NASA satellite recordings. This exhibition provides an atmospheric meditation on landscape. "I have always felt the need to have a quiet place near to where I live so I could just spend time sitting and day dreaming. One area for me was the Ravenscrag Formation just west of Eastend, Saskatchewan."1 Calm, reverential and engrossing; the viewer is invited to ponder the manner in which we perceive our surroundings and become immersed within the landscapes presented by these artists.

Volunteer Recognition Workshop - March 23, 2018 
9:30 - 4:00, Lunch provided. 

Brenda Robinson will be here in the Biggar Museum on March 23, presenting her Volunteer Recognition Workshop. How to recruit more volunteers, what to do with volunteer burn out, etc. Brenda will give us all the insights she has developed over many years, all in a funny way! Please register before March 19, 2018! 

Annual General Meeting - March 8, 2018

The public is invited to our annual General Meeting March 8 in the museum at 1:00.

Student Art Exhibit - February 2 - 23

Valentines Pie Sale - February 14, 2018